Behavior Chart

Behavior Chart

Why a Behavior Chart?

Being a parent is one of the most important and challenging roles we will play in our lives. As many have said, parenting is a lifetime of sacrifice and reward!

Parents want their children to grow up to be happy, productive, well behaved, moral and self responsible citizens. Children want their parents to be more clear and consistent with their direction and expectations.  Using this 21st century behavior chart  (Creating Character “in Kids”) will help both children and parents.

Experts widely agree that creating a strong, healthy character in your child starts with three parental responsibilities:

  1. Setting High Expectations of your children that reflect your positive value system
  2. Setting Clear Rules for your children’s behavior
  3. Setting Clear, Natural Rewards and Consequences based on your children’s behavior

Creating Character “in Kids” is a behavior chart that simplifies, memorializes and executes these responsibilities.

Key Benefits

There are several key benefits to the Creating Character “in Kids” behavior chart.

  1. The behavior chart will MOTIVATE KIDS to be more respectful, pleasant and kind.
  2. The behavior chart will help children find an INTERNAL COMPASS that is consistent with your defined values and beliefs and guides their behavior.
  3. The behavior chart will help kids develop the habit of doing good which in turn will help them discover a healthy SELF CONFIDENCE and SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT.
  4. The behavior chart will help parents appropriately REWARD or provide natural CONSEQUENCES to children for reflecting the values and principles you establish.
  5. The behavior chart will FREE UP PARENTS from all the TIME spent arguing and micromanaging kids regarding  behavior, homework, sibling rivalries and other common childhood problems.

At the core of the Creating Character behavior chart app are 3 areas of holistic, age appropriate goals your child will pursue.  The three focus areas of the goals are:

  1. Helping the child improve every aspect of themselves including their MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.
  2. Helping the child understand the importance of and growing their RELATIONSHIPS with family, friends, neighbors and others.
  3. Helping the child understand the importance of and how to respect their COMMUNITY & ENVIRONMENT.

For more information on the power of how and why to use a Behavior Chart, please look at this great article from Dr. Sears. 

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