Child Behavior & Parenting Podcasts

Child Behavior and Parenting Podcasts

Resources for Child Behavior and Parenting

At Character Counts we are dedicated to providing the best resources and tools to help parents responsibly fulfill the most important roles in their lives and improve child behavior.  As such, we are constantly on the lookout for podcasts and resources that help guide parents improve child behavior and their parenting skills. Below are some of the best podcasts we have found that address not only how to address and manage everyday parenting issues but also how to become an intentional parent.

While it is hard for any parent to find time to read, reflect and learn about different parenting philosophies and techniques, we have found podcasts to be a very effective and efficient way to consume useful information.  In order to find the time to consume this information we recommend that you listen to podcasts while you are driving or working out.  Most of these podcasts are less than 45 minutes and can easily be listened to over the period of a couple of days in the car.

Additionally, while these Podcasts contain outstanding information on parenting it is critical that you supplement the knowledge of these resources with a tool that can help both you and your child take action and implement this information.  Creating Character is that tool.  Creating Character is a Chore Chart and Behavior Chart delivered on a 21st century platform.

Here is a list of some of our favorite podcasts.

Three Huge Mistakes We Make Leading Kids and How to Correct Them

10 Ways We Can Lead Better

Stop Stealing Kids Ambition (Part 1)

Stop Stealing Kids Ambition (Part 2)

Parents Join A Group

Get Your Home Organized

Don’t Let Your Child Boomerang Back

Creating Intentional Connections With Your Teens

Implementing Change at Home

Parenting Concepts that Work–Chores and Personal Responsibility}

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