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At Character Counts we are dedicated to providing the best resources and tools to help parents responsibly fulfill the most important roles in their lives and improve child behavior.  As such, we are constantly on the lookout for articles and resources that help guide parents improve child behavior.  Below are some of the best articles we have found that address not only how to address and manage everyday parenting issues but also how to become an intentional parent.

Additionally, while these Resources contain outstanding information on parenting it is critical that you supplement the knowledge of these resources with a tool that can help both you and your child take action and implement this information.  Creating Character is that tool.  Creating Character is a Chore Chart and Behavior Chart delivered on a 21st century platform.

Effective Chores

What Happened to Chores

6 Ways to Get Kids to Do Chores

Motivate Kids to Do Chores

The Importance of Chores for Kids

Green and Clean Story (Part 1)

Green and Clean Story (Part 2)

Are You a Mother or a Martyr

How to Get Kids to do Chores Without an Argument

Instilling a Work Ethic in Generation Y and Z

25 Ways to Teach Responsibility

Improving Behavior and Effective Discipline

Preventing Tween Behavior Problems

Suggestions for Improving Behavior

Consequences and Effective Parenting

Character Based Discipline

Effective Consequences for Children that Don’t Listen

5 Steps to Giving Effective Consequences

7 Ways to Fix Rude Behavior

How to Discipline Young Kids Effectively

Chronically Late Kids? Let Them Pay The Price

Instilling Morals, Character and Values

Start Early on Instilling Positive Values

10 Practical Ways to Teach Your Children Values

8 Ways to Raise a Moral Child

Raising a Moral Child

5 Values Your Should Teach Your Child by Age 5

9 Tips to Foster and Attitude of Gratitude in Your Kids

Ways to Nurture and Attitude of Thanksgiving

11 Ways to Raise Truthful Children

Raising Unspoiled Kids

The Benefits of Natural Consequences

Raising An Ethical Child

38 Parenting Practices That Build Moral Intelligence/

How to Get Consequences to Work for Your Child

Spoiled Children

Let Your Child Face Natural Consequences

Integration of Empathy Into Schools

Myths About Raising Moral Kids

7 Ideas to Build Perseverance in Students (Part 1)

One Gigantic Predictor of Success–Delayed Gratification

Combating Entitlement in the Classroom

8 Ways to Be an Intentional Parent

38 Parenting Practices that Build Moral Intelligence

Perfect Parents Don’t Exist

How to Become a More Intentional Parent

9 Habits of an Intentional Parent

How to Use Behavior Charts Effectively

10 Simple Ways to Be a Better Parent

10 Things Your Aren’t Responsible For As A Parent

Why You Should Let Your Child Fail

10 New Years Resolutions for Parents

How to Deal with Affluenza

Parenting Behaviors that Limit Children

What kind of Parent Are You?

Am I Spoiling My Child?

Are You Doing Too Much For Your Child?

How To Help Your Child Transition To Adulthood

10 Common Mistakes Parents Make, Including Me

It’s Not Your Job To Make Your Kids Happy

101 Parenting Tips

 33 Things I Want My Son To Know

Stuff I Wish Kids Knew Today

The Inverse Relationship Between Sheltering and Ambition

Kids Sports Gone Wild

The 5 Greatest Predictors of Students Success

 Why Kids Need to Get A Summer Job

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