Chore Chart

Chore Chart

Why a Chore Chart?

At Character Counts, we believe that one of the more important roles of parents is to teach their children about being responsible, developing a good work ethic and contributing to the operation of the household.  These values, when reinforced with the proper tools like a Chore Chart, will help ensure that our children become self sufficient and productive adults.

Creating Character “in Kids” is a great tool for assigning and managing all aspects of a child’s chores.  This app is  a 21st century, handheld chore chart.

Experts widely agree that creating a strong, healthy character in your child starts with three parental responsibilities:

  1. Setting High Expectations of your children that reflect your positive value system
  2. Setting Clear Rules for your children’s behavior
  3. Setting Clear, Natural Rewards and Consequences based on your children’s behavior

Creating Character “in Kids” is a chore chart that simplifies, memorializes and executes these responsibilities.

Key Benefits

There are several key benefits to the Creating Character “in Kids” chore chart.

  1. The chore chart will MOTIVATE KIDS to be more responsible.
  2. The chore chart will help kids develop the habit of contributing to the household operation which in turn will help them discover a healthy SELF CONFIDENCE and SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT.
  3. The chore chart will help parents appropriately REWARD or provide natural CONSEQUENCES to children for either accomplishing or not accomplishing their chores.
  4. The chore chart will FREE UP PARENTS from all the TIME spent arguing and micromanaging kids regarding chores.

If you are not convinced of the power of chores, please check out the below study done by the University of Minnesota.

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