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Reviews by Parents

Below is a sample of  a few of the parent reviews of the app.  We love reviews, both good and constructive, so keep them coming!  We are constantly trying to improve our app and its usefulness to parents.

Parent Reviews

“We love this app.  Our children are better behaved and learning good principles, hard work and morals.  Additionally, as parents we don’t have to engage in all the arguing like we used to.”  –Suzanne

“This app has worked very well with our kids so far.  I love what the app stands for (creating responsible, kind and moral children) and what it delivers.” –MMAJ

“I am very impressed with this app.  My children enjoy earning their points and I enjoy not having to bicker about them completing their chores.” –AlexZ

“What a great idea.  This is so much better than the chore chart I used before.  Thank you!” –JoAnn B

“We love the app.  The syncing of all the family devices is wonderful.”  –Nicole A

“This is a great chore chart and behavior chart.  And its mobile, so we can manage our child’s behavior anywhere, anytime.”  –Cindy D

Children Reviews

“I like earning the Points and Rewards in the app.  The app shows me what I need to do to be a good person.”–Andy (8 yrs. old)

“Earning points and see my Bank of points go up gets me motivated.  I know what my parents want me to do.”–Matt (12 yrs. old)

Website, Blogger and Parenting Expert Reviews

Below are reviews from parenting and iOS bloggers.“>

Creating Character Press

Below are links to articles or websites that have featured the Creating Character “in Kids” app.  For any press inquires please contact us via the “Contact Us” page below.


Second Parenting App Released–This One For Tweens


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